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Philippine Elections 2013

As seen in this video, it is very evident that the 2013 Elections were very successful! Everything was prepared well ahead of time and the people in charge of it were informed and organized. I hope that this will continue in the years to come!

Pen & Paper and Movement

Our country needs simple heroes like the girl who saved the Philippine flag. These people will eventually lead our country into becoming a better one in the future. They are the people who do little acts of kindness everyday without realizing it and that is what the Pen & Paper activity aims to do. The audience being grade 6 students, must know the importance of making a change little by little by writing down simple acts of kindness on each box on a paper that looks like a calendar provided by the Year III students. With the Calendar Making activity, the students will be able to practice the consistency of their good deeds everyday for one month.

Another fun activity would be the Movement activity called The Amazing Race: Good Goverance Edition. The student would be able to learn more about Good Governance through fun activities and realize how they can contribute to our government at a young age. These involve stations such as charades,the blindfold game, Pinoy Henyo and a puzzle station that are related to Good Governance in which the students will synthesize all the activities afterwards.

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In the last few weeks, we have learned about the characteristics of a good citizen, good governance, as well as nationalism for our country. Essentially, the objective of this site is to make our country and world a better place; connecting people and inspiring each other. And this year, the Social Studies Department aims for something higher, it was beyond learning in our classroom and I think they have truly shown their intentions.

As a batch, we have experienced this. It was something different from our usual classroom experiences; our PEACE Work. Instead of learning our usual subjects, we learned about farming, social entrepreneurship, industries, the works of charity and volunteerism and how these have made a huge impact in our country. It was always great to know how people would like to share themselves to be able to contribute for the betterment of the nation and inspire others at the same time. 

Although making our country a better place is a difficult task, we have already started through learning about the characteristics of a good citizen and about nationalism. Through learning about all these, I think we’ve already started making our country better. After all, everything starts with a dream. Everything starts with ourselves. :-)

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It’s More Fun in the Philippines!



What could be more fun than checking out these pictures and appreciate how unique and colorful our culture and beliefs are! It REALLY is more fun in the Philippines!

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Lupang Hinirang - Philippine National Anthem 


Let us take a moment to commemorate what happened in history that lead us to the freedom we have now through this video. I hope this will inspire us to do things that will lead to the betterment of the country as well as our future! 

The Girl Who Saved the Philippine Flag


Such an inspiring girl to look up to! I hope we could also do the same in our own little ways. :-) Go read the article and let me know what you guys think!

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Choose Philippines!


Go and “choose” to like this amazing Facebook fan page to get updated with the new discoveries Choose Philippines can share with you!

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Choose Philippines. Find. Discover. Share.


Go and check out this link where you’ll discover so many marvelous places you can visit, mouth-watering foods you can eat and wonderful events you can attend in our country!


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Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas feat.El Gamma Penumbra

   This video just proves that we Filipinos are very talented and have so much potential in ourselves that we can think of so many creative ways in promoting our wonderful country! This deserves more views and likes and YOU can be one of them! Watch watch watch (and share too!)!



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